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Bat Minute '89

Oct 20, 2017

Our mystery man is revealed and he's armed with... a feather?

It appears that Grissom DID sign his businesses away to these guys - but with his dead hands, covered in his own blood. IT WAS A HIT! A CON!

Meanwhile, many a mime will congregate like a march of penguins and shots will be fired.



Oct 18, 2017

Vicki has clearly missed a scoop - what is going on at city hall?!?

A wild mime appears. Then another. THEN ANOTHER. MIMES EVERYWHERE!

The only thing creepier? The clothes on this damn kid in the crowd!

While all of these shenanigans take place, Bob gets his secret snaps for something suspicious.

Mobsters arrive on the...

Oct 16, 2017

A new week of Bat Minute '89 brings new questions:

  • Is this location supposed to be an alleyway?!?
  • Why does Vicki think it's perfectly okay to ruin something that seems to mean so much to Bruce? (Nice undercover hat though...)
  • Are these gangsters IDIOTS?
  • Why do these other reports find Knox even slightly funny?

The Bat...

Oct 13, 2017

STEAM, STEAM, STEAM! It's everywhere!  All over the city! INESCAPABLE!

Meanwhile, Vicki goes full crazy and is in hot pursuit of her man. She could probably have done with choosing some rather less conspicuous attire though...

Deep in the city, a shade-clad Bruce drops some flowers off at a mysterious, seemingly random,...

Oct 11, 2017

What better way to start your Wednesday than with a smouldering corpse? That's what Joker thinks, at least!

While it steams away, Vicki and Knox do a little snooping on Mr Wayne. This starts with going through any and all files on the man and soon descends into literal stalking. I hope for Vicki's sake that she dons a...