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Bat Minute '89

Dec 11, 2017

Batman's Uber has arrived but he's too busy arguing with Vicki about her weight! You don't question a woman on this issue, man. Not cool.

Putting their heavyweight differences aside, our heroes zoom off into the dark, dark, (k)night - Batcave bound via Halloween Town detour.

Can Vicki figure out the riddle of the...

Dec 8, 2017

Criminals are put in the trash, where they belong! Batman has no time for garbage!

However, a new challenger approaches - with a heavy helping of flair! Will this sharp customer spell the end for our hero?

Defending Bats with a strong 'protego' and putting his Beating skills to good use is Gary Roby Jr! His (pod)casting...

Dec 6, 2017

Up, up and away! Our heroes take to their air... but in less than graceful fashion.

Upon ensuring Vicki's safety, Bats heads back into the fray to tackle these bozos. Will trash noodles be enough?

After a quick wallet check, mayhem ensues!

Joining our dynamic duo to once more crack open this Minute of Secrets is Gary...

Dec 4, 2017

Vicki's shoes bite the dust as she and the Bat pound the pavement in their bid for freedom - Joker's goons are still in hot pursuit!

The Batmobile turns into a Tim Burton fever dream and transforms into an impenetrable, beetle-like, fortress... via Alexa.

Batman thinks on his feet and decides to fly off his feet - but...

Dec 1, 2017

Bats and Vicki have a need for speed as the Batmobile tears through the streets of Gotham in a desperate bid for escape. Even Batman's huge ears can't hold him back!

Joker's on-brand goons are in hot pursuit, but the 'mobile has powersliding skills up there with Mario.

Will our heroes (and the cabbages) make it out in...