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Bat Minute '89

Feb 23, 2018

Batman is dead. For real this time... right? The Batwing lies in ruins, much like our hero's DAMN BONES. Joker had one shot and made it count - now he needs some of mom's spaghetti.

The deed done, the clown prince takes hold of Vicki and escorts her up, up, up, to the brink of heaven. In his mind, at least.

Only the...

Feb 21, 2018

Batman is switching to... targeting... computer.

Joker's goons feel the full force of Bat might, Bat Minute Mites, as they get blown to the moon and back! The clown prince is next in line but he stands there, confident, bold as brass. Bring it, Bats!

A trouser cannon is on hand to even the odds...

This duel of the ages...

Feb 19, 2018

As the big 1-0-0 lands it's sadly not party time in Gotham as Bob... our beautiful, wonderful, masterful Bob, is no more.

There's panic in the streets of Gotham as clown chaos reigns and bat-demons rule the skies.

Joker and the Batman are moments away from a showdown for the ages - head-first!

To manage this melange of...

Feb 16, 2018

Batman is a thief! HE'S STEALING JOKER'S BALLOONS! Somebody stop this jackanapes!

Sadly, things take a turn for the EVEN WORSE and we bid farewell to a good, dear, friend. Rest in peace, sweet child. This is officially the saddest minute in Movies by Minutes history. In movie history, period.

Joining the dynamic duo as...

Feb 14, 2018

Falling! Tumbling! A smashing time is had by this goon, at least.

The Action News Truck bites the big one! NO! OUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER!

Knox goes for one hell of a ride, complete with a feathery end. Has Knox bitten the big one too?!?

Joining the crew one more time to discuss this sweet, sugary, nightmarish, minute is a...