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Bat Minute '89

Jul 26, 2017

The Bat's tax history is up for examination as Knox persists in his hunt.

Bob the Goon picks an inopportune moment to wash a car.


All this and more, only on today's Bat Minute '89!


The next episode follows on Friday!

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Jul 24, 2017

Arcade Eddie is stretchered away as Porkins enters the fray. He tells tales of a giant Bat which nobody is buying... all except for reporter Alexander Knox! Will Knox be the man to get the scoop, or will he be made to look like a chump? Find out on today's Bat Minute '89!


The next episode follows on Wednesday!


Jul 21, 2017

Jack Napier thinks he's cock of the walk in his fancy suits and with his dame by his side, but will scheming against his boss make him look like a fool, a joker if you will?

Top this off with Jack facts and Jerry Hall chat and you've got yourself another exciting episode of Bat Minute '89!


The next episode follows...

Jul 19, 2017

Lando Strikes Back! The week continues with a pathetic police chief, a cyBORG mayor and Dent aspiring to take on a nest of vipers. Saucy Jack is looking to rid the city of decent people - if only he can find the time to remove his shoes from his lady's face. Are his card tricks in Vogue? Tune in to find out!

The next...

Jul 17, 2017

Brutal Batman, cheesy catchphrases and Lando Calrissian start us off with another exciting week of the show! Can The Bat overcome the problems of his awkward cowl and defeat the crooks? Will Lando clean up the (cloud) city? Tune in to find out, folks!


The next episode follows on Wednesday!

Same Bat Pod, different Bat...