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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Oct 23, 2017


As cops clean up the crime, the mayor can only worry about the festival - and his hot dogs. He goes full 'Jaws' on Gotham!

Meanwhile, Joker has been busy decorating - his lair now complete with boxing gloves and porcelain dogs. Toot toot y'all.

Bruce arrives back home and steals from Alfred before collapsing onto the couch. He doesn't know what is to come...

A very special guest investigator has joined our dynamic duo for today's sleuthing - none other than comedian Bec Hill! You may know Bec from her stand-up shows (frequently at the Edinburgh Fringe), her comedy night 'Pun Run', or from her time hosting the Sky show 'DC Fancast'. With credentials like these, who better to get to the bottom of this nonsense with style and panache?

The next episode follows on Wednesday

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Bec Hill - Photo: ©Steve Ullathorne

Photo: ©Steve Ullathorne

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