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Bat Minute

Feb 2, 2018

"Trust, who do ya?
Trust, what makes you a real lover?
Trust, I put this question to ya
Cause I want you to be with me"

While spending time at a sidewalk cafe, the residents of Gotham spy something wonderful, something magical: IT'S A PARADE! IN FULL FLOW! Even the ladies of the night are losing out to this spectacle.

Joker and his fistful of dollars arrive via cake with Bob in tow. Bat Minute '89 is all about that #Boker life.

Our favourite anatopistic, world-hopping, dreamer of dreams and author of awe is back to resolve this madness - yes, it's Kiri Callaghan! It may be the end of the week but Kiri is here to make sure you #StayCurious .

The next episode follows on Monday.

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Kiri Callaghan

Kiri Callaghan

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