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Bat Minute

Nov 3, 2017

Beauty has died. The killer? Allergies. ALLERGIES?!? You're kidding me! You gotta be Joke(r)ing!

Thankfully for the mayor, the city's birthday celebrations are, somehow, shockingly, still a go. Before Peter can get into it, Becky starts cackling at the news of further deaths. What's so funny?

Perhaps some new and improved products could help... or hinder...

Getting to the bottom of all of this is our guest investigator, our resident special Element, Crystal Beth! Crystal is a hilarious comic and a regular guest on so many of your favourite shows. She also hosts her own: The Fifth Eleminute and Unlimited Lives! If you like movies, if you like gaming, if you like comedy, then Crystal can't be beat!

The next episode follows on Monday!

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Crystal Beth

Photo by Érada Svetlana

Crystal Beth - Twitter - YouTube

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