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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Jul 25, 2019

Bat Minute is now on Patreon too! Huzzah! Simply click the link or go to .

Here is a message from the dynamic duo themselves:

"Hello, loyal listeners! Thank you for joining us now here on Patreon.

We would like to grow and expand the show, offer more content and venture into other side activities related to it. This requires funds, of course. We need a website, for one thing!

This is where you guys come in... with your help we can do more and put more fun content out than ever before!

We will never put the main show behind any kind of paywall, this would all be for extra special content and bonus material. We will offer it at a low, low, price, as can be seen in our rewards! By pledging to a tier where we offer bonus episodes, you will receive a minimum of one episode a month, but sometimes more.

We don't have a huge range of rewards available yet but with the more people who sign up to our Patreon the more we will be able to offer!

All of the money will be going back into the show too, so don't worry... Jon won't be jetting off to the Bahamas with the MILLIONS we will undoubtedly receive from you all.

Thanks for sticking with us and here's to the continued MADNESS that is BAT MINUTE! You mean the world to us."