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Bat Minute

Apr 19, 2019

DID YOU MISS US? Of course you did! What about Pengie? Maybe not so much... his crew certainly seem to be starting to think a little differently at least!

OSWALD IS NO MORE! He's dead. Done. Finished. Over. Cancelled. The Penguin is dead - LONG LIVE THE PENGUIN! AND BIBLE ALLEGORIES!

We wanted the ultimate and were more...

Apr 17, 2019

Fruit, veg... baby, we got a salad going on! FOOOOOOODDD FIIIIIGGGHHHTTTT!

To top it off we got a Penguin on the move! Look at that sucker fly! AND DIVE! Ker-splash indeed.

There ain't no surfing, there ain't no sweet waves and there ain't even no damn robberies going on here but we've managed to nab our duo of crime...

Apr 15, 2019

A HARP FROM HELL! VENTRILOQUISM! And once more Bruce is hitting those decks like the DJ devil he is. Scratch that CD, mix-master!

It doesn't win any favours with Max - he's outta here! Sorry buddy, it's just business!

Returning to crack this case are the quintessential crime-fighting duo - it's Murren Kennedy and Jessa...

Apr 12, 2019

FOR THE GLORY OF GOTHAM! Oswald delivers a rousing speech to the masses.

Bruce is watching the TV. Again. Does this guy have time to fight crime with the amount of programming he consumes? It turns out it's for a good reason... to prepare to DJ!

Tackling this crime one last time is Brady Crane of Pele Media! Brady may...