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Bat Minute

Jun 26, 2019

The Bat Minute crew are wading through the credits once again - but they're not alone!

Joining the case is a first-time investigator - it's vocal coach, musical director, YouTuber AND podcaster (what can't she do?) Beth Roars! Who better to help us roar through this final stretch and do a damn Good Job at it too?


Jun 24, 2019


What's that? We're releasing this in June? Whatever, square!

Good will to all men... and women... but seemingly, not cats. Bad form, Brucie!

As the Bat Signal once again lights up the Gotham skies, a certain somebody appears to have survived and thrived...

Returning to the team to once again...

Jun 21, 2019

Miss Kitty Returns! Or does she? Is she back? Is this a total stranger? Who the hell knows?!?!? Does Bruce even care at this point?

Bruce takes in the stray and it suddenly dawns on Alfred that he's going to have to change the litter tray as they drive off into the night and back home for some delicious cold...

Jun 19, 2019

With the utmost of respect, the gathered masses of penguins see their wayward son off for the final time. As the black ooze seeps from his mouth, the life leaves him... to then enter some gingerbread or not is up for debate.

As Bruce gets Alfred to act as his taxi service (ever heard of Uber, dude?) he spies a shadow -...

Jun 17, 2019

Press F to pay respects. The Penguin... is gone.

As tears fall down all of our cheeks, the Grand Council of Penguinkind arrive to send their wayward son on his final journey. He may have lost his way, but he never lost their love. Aww.

Sliding down the ramp of insanity and into the pool of nonsense with us today is a...