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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Feb 7, 2018

And now, folks, it's time for "Who Do You Trust?"!

Gotham's greed is on full display and Knox is just SICKENED! UTTERLY SICKENED!

While the cash-obsessed crowd clamour for more, The Bat returns to action to rescue them from their vices. This time, however... he's flyin' in style!

Hubba, hubba, hubba! Money, money, money! Bats is washin' those undies.

Citizens! Upright and otherwise! Fear not, for our dynamic duo are joined once again by the woman of 10,000 laughs - actor, stand-up comic, writer and Henson-trained PUPPET MASTER Phoebe Bottoms! Phoebe will certainly get to the Bottom of this case but without forgetting to bring the funny!

The next episode follows on Friday.

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Phoebe Bottoms

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