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Bat Minute

Feb 5, 2018

"Another world awaits us
Another power to see
Close, don't worry about nobody else
From now on you'll be here with me"

- Prince Rogers Nelson

Minute 94 (94) is full of trustworthy characters. I mean, they're throwing cash! Nothing suspicious about that at all...

Vicki isn't so sure, however. She's going to have to take a closer look at this cake-crazy clown.

Somebody we can certainly trust to help on our Great Bat Caper is this week's special guest - Upright Citizen, Henson-trained puppet master and consummate comic Phoebe Bottoms! Can Phoebe use her expertise to manipulate a happy ending and lead us out of this Labyrinth of darkness? Tune in to find out, Bat fans!

The next episode follows on Wednesday.

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Phoebe Bottoms

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