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Bat Minute

Jan 15, 2018

Bat Minute, here.

The Borg transmit their demands to the Federation...

Wait, no, Mayor Borg is postponing the gala. ALAS! WHAT ABOUT THE HOT DOGS?!?

Interrupting this sombre moment is... you guessed it, it's that JOKER! But he brings good news - he ain't like that old boss, Grissom. Things are gonna change around here! To kick things off, Joker is going to have his OWN party! AND A SPECIAL SURPRISE!

Joining our dynamic duo as Special Guest Investigator is podcasting veteran Brady Crane of Pele Media! Brady ain't afraid of no clowns and he will certainly never say die in his quest to solve this case - life finds a way? Brady finds a way! Find him on Ghostbusters Minute, Goonies Minute AND Jurassic Park Minute!

The next episode follows on Wednesday.

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Brady Crane

Brady Crane

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