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Bat Minute

Jan 12, 2018

Bruce has pinpointed where it's all emanating from: good ol' Axis Chemicals! His mandate demands he take action.

Utilising his connections, or possibly some kind of mind trick, Alfred has managed to obtain some VERY important files for his Master. It was reluctantly, however... Alfred is worried that he will lose Bruce as he lost his father.

Meanwhile, City Hall is a hive of activity - The Borg, Lando and The Man Who Wants To Be Gordon present a unified front.

THANK THE MAKER! Our Special Guest Investigator today is the Grand Moff himself: it's Alex Robinson of Star Wars Minute! Not content with ruling a galaxy far, far, away, Alex is on hand to bring his cartoon, art, Batman and film knowledge like no other can. Help us solve this case, Alex Robinson - you're our only hope!

The next episode follows on Monday.

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Alex Robinson

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