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Bat Minute

Dec 18, 2017

Batman ain't feeling like a Turnblad as his research shows that Hairspray alone isn't the key - instead it's a deadly combination we should be worried about!

In this abnormal world, we need an abnormal hero... albeit one that 'wants' something from Vicki. Steady on, Bats, steady on!

This week's Special Guest Investigator has taken the red pill and is joining our dynamic duo on their journey down the rabbit hole - it's Phil Dragash of The Matrix Minute podcast! Phil is The One we need to free our minds and show us the difference between fantasy and reality.

Nobody can be told what Bat Minute '89 is, however... you have to hear it for yourself.

The next episode follows on Wednesday.

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Phil Dragash

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The Matrix Minute - Website - Facebook - Twitter

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