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Bat Minute

Dec 1, 2017

Bats and Vicki have a need for speed as the Batmobile tears through the streets of Gotham in a desperate bid for escape. Even Batman's huge ears can't hold him back!

Joker's on-brand goons are in hot pursuit, but the 'mobile has powersliding skills up there with Mario.

Will our heroes (and the cabbages) make it out in one piece?

Joining our crew on their mission one final time this week is Neil Brown of The Mogwai Minute podcast! Neil's investigative skills will suss out anything putting the Batmobile in jeopardy - and thank god for that! After all, "They put 'em in cars, they put 'em in yer TV. They put 'em in stereos and those little radios you stick in your ears. They even put 'em in watches, they have teeny gremlins for our watches".

The next episode follows on Monday.

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Neil Brown

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