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Bat Minute

Sep 13, 2017

The further exciting adventures of Jon, Niall and Kit! This mid-week episode features non-stop action, suspense, drama, fun!

  • Bruce and Vicki book it!
  • Chillin' with the ol' man.
  • Horse-based mishaps.
  • Mountains of hair - what a mane!
  • DRUGS!
  • Insulting the Manbat.

We cover all of this and a whole lot more!

As mentioned, the dynamic duo are joined once again by the accordion-playing RATman himself, Kit Flemons of the band Rat Bit Kit. I'm sure you already know that this means it's a doozy!

The next episode follows on Friday.

Same Bat pod, different Bat minute!

Kit Flemons - Rat Bit Kit