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Bat Minute

Feb 2, 2018

You call this an outtake?

Yes. That's precisely what it is.

Jon and Niall were recently, yet again, guest hosts over at the excellent Die Hard Minute podcast! For five days in this second stint (beginning 22/01/18) they dug into the classic film Die Hard, along with a few wonderful guests.

Here is a sample to whet your appetite for more. This clip had to be edited out of the final show, but they thought that it would amuse the good listeners all the same.

This is a clip from the second episode in this set, which is covering Minute 83 and the guest with the AMAZING tale about Crocodile Dundee is the brilliant and unmatched Dael Kingsmill!

What does it have to do with Die Hard? Nothing, that's why it was cut! OBVIOUSLY!

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