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Bat Minute

Oct 22, 2018

Batman burns the bad guys! FATALITY!

He also takes out the Devil himself - what a hero! Not today, Satan!

Sadly, Selina is seized by a shady scoundrel! AND BATMAN MISSES WITH HIS GRAPPLING HOOK! Some save, Bats.

Joining the crew as Special Guest Investigator is our resident Bat Computer himself - it's Dan Kampling!...

Oct 19, 2018

Max gets rammed! Happy Hallowmas!


It's all out chaos as The Red Triangle Gang are unleashed and the streets look set to run red with the blood of the innocent. Or is there a more cunning plan at play?

Back with parry and reposte to defeat this villainous scum is this week's Batwoman: YouTuber, comic...

Oct 17, 2018


The beacon is alight and Bruce must bounce!

Meanwhile, Chip is seconds away from being chopped - unless he coughs up pops, that is.

Back to slice and dice her way to the truth on this investigation is YouTuber, comic and swordswoman Jessi Milestone! Shining like a lightsaber, Jessi can dispatch even the...

Oct 15, 2018

The surprise is sprung! The trap is tripped! CARNY'S! What is it with this city and clowns, eh?

The Red Triangle Gang terrorise Gotham's streets. Organs will be ground. Skeletons will indeed ride motorcycles. Hot dogs will be ruined. THIS IS MADNESS!

Joining our dynamic duo as Special Guest Credits Investigator is the...

Oct 12, 2018

Max ain't no Santa, just a schmo. Ha - he's playing you all, folks! He's distracting you with his expensive bAUbles.

Breaking up this scintillating speech is something of a Yuletide Trojan Horse. What magnificent mysteries are contained within?

Back to crack this case is the cream of cult comedy, Polly Preston! The...